Question: Why should I care about RTK?

Answer: You can plant, spray, and harvest more efficiently by reducing overlap and bypassing areas that traditionally don’t produce.  Plus, having the tractor drive itself is much less stressful than having to concentrate on driving straight.


Question: Why is Cellular RTK better than other solutions?

Answer: Cellular RTK is less expensive than conventional systems and does not have Line of Sight issues or Geographical Limitations.


Question: Why should I choose Bane-Welker’s RTK over another company?

Answer: Bane-Welker has over 7 years of experience with running a Cellular RTK network and are committed to keeping our customers running.

Question: I don’t have a Case IH Tractor; can I still use the Bane-Welker RTK network?

Answer: Yes! The Bane-Welker Advanced RTK Network supports all brands, including John Deere, Agco and New Holland.


Question: What do I need to start using Bane-Welker’s RTK?

Answer: Check to make sure that you have a GPS receiver capable of RTK, you will also need the proper unlocks and a cellular modem/tablet to receive RTK corrections.


Question: I don't currently have a tablet, does Bane-Welker also have those?

Answer: Yes, Bane-Welker has competitively priced tablet options that are available through your Precision Farming Specialist. 


Question: How large of a data plan do I need to buy for my tablet?

Answer: For streaming RTK corrections 1GB/month is sufficient. It may be a good idea to buy a slightly larger data plan if you plan on using your tablet for other personal and business uses; E-mail, Netflix, Social Media, etc. 


Question: Can Bane-Welker provide my cellular data plan for my cellular modem/tablet?

Answer: Yes, Bane Welker can provide you with a cellular data plan or you can choose to manage your own cellular data plan.


Question: Do I need to purchase a RTK subscription for each piece of equipment that I want to use RTK on?

Answer: You will need to purchase a subscription for each piece that you want to run simultaneously. Plus if you go with a tablet solution you can easily move it between your equipment.

Question: When I purchase a subscription, am I restricted to one base station?

Answer: No, you are free to roam throughout our entire coverage area.


Question: Can I use Bane-Welker RTK for Tiling?

Answer: Yes! The Bane-Welker Advanced RTK is capable of providing sub-inch accuracy Horizontally and Vertically.


Question: What’s the difference between the Advanced Network, and the Basic Network?

Answer: With the Basic Network, you must manually choose a base to connect to. The Advanced Network uses a virtual base system that automatically selects a base optimized for your location and can creates a virtual base just for you. There is no switching between bases or trying to know what is the nearest location.  This also provides and added level of reliability since you aren’t dependent on physical bases. 


Question: What happens if I have an issue connecting?

Answer: Bane-Welker’s Precision Farming Department has a dedicated team of specialists that are just a phone call away. 


Question: Bane-Welker is relatively new to Ohio; Are we covered? And how do we contact someone to find out?

Answer: Yes, we do have partial coverage in Ohio! You can send us a contact request, or you can call your nearest Bane-Welker location for more information.