The Bane-Welker Precision Farming Department knows that modern agriculture requires modern solutions. That’s why we have worked hard to develop our own in-house RTK network. Upgrading to RTK will allow you to achieve your maximum yield by using sub-inch accuracy to ensure that all of your inputs are being fully, effectively and precisely applied.

We have service RTK coverage in Indiana and Ohio, view our RTK Coverage Map

modem.png   MODEM SUPPORT

If you currently have one of the following modems we can support you using the DigiFarm Virtual Base Network (VBN): Trimble AG 3000, Trimble DCM 300, Ag Leder 3500 With NTRIP, Ag Leader Paradyme, Ag Leader Geosteer, M3 Bridge, Intuicom, Digi Modem, Raven Slingshot.

universal.png   SUPPORT FOR ALL MAKES

Our RTK network not only works flawlessly with Case IH Equipment, but also with New Holland, John Deere and Agco. If you need a solution for Water Management or Construction applications, we do that too.

tablet.png   TABLET SOLUTION

By using a cellular connected tablet instead of a modem, you can enter the world of RTK accuracy at a fraction of the cost of conventional RTK Solutions.

started.png   GETTING STARTED

If you haven’t yet decided if RTK is right for you, schedule a free demonstration by contacting us today. If you have decided that RTK is right for you, we’ll put you in touch with a Precision Farming Specialist that will help you select the right plan, your service provider, and the size of data plan that will work for your operation.

premium.png   DigiFarm Virtual Base Network:  $750/yr


✓   Sub Inch Accuracy at 6 Miles


✓   Sub Inch Accuracy at 20 Miles


✓   Maintain Accuracy During Base Station Outage Period


 ✓   No Line Shift Between Towers


 ✓   "Virtual" Base Auto Generated by Location


✓   Sub Inch Year to Year Repeatability

Water Management Vertical Accuracy Greater Than 2 Miles

✓   Customized For Each Brand of GPS

Baseline Distance Always Minimized for Improved Accuracy

basic.png   Bane-Welker Basic Network:  $500/yr


✓   Sub Inch Accuracy at 6 Miles


✓   Sub Inch Accuracy at 20 Miles


✓   Maintain Accuracy During BaseStation Outage Period


✓   Sub Inch Year to Year Repeatability


✓   Manually choose the most local base